Services and Technologies

In our office, we offer a variety of dental services. Dr. Bruce  and Dr. Adrienne have created this practice to be a proficient and comprehensive dental practice that can take care of everyone. Some of our services include:

  • Preventive Care – Routine dental cleanings as well as advanced techniques such as scaling and root planing for patients with periodontal disease. Our hygienists are very skilled and highly trained to provide the best preventive care possible.


  • Children’s dentistry – We see children of all ages, from the time they get their first tooth (about 1 years old), until well after they graduate high school.


  • Extractions -We are trained in all types of extractions, from wisdom teeth to dental emergencies.


  • Root Canals – This therapy can be used and may be neccessary in many situations, and our doctors are very proficient in all types of root canals.


  • General Restorative Care – Our doctors will help you decide the best type of filling is needed to restore your teeth to optimal function.


  • Cosmetic/Smile Reconstruction – Changing a person’s smile can be a very positive and life changing thing.  We can provide you with a smile that is healthy and beautiful.


  • Invisalign -The clear alternative to braces.  This is a great option for adults who may have had braces as a child or always wanted to.  Dr. Adrienne would be happy to consult with you and help you decide if Invisalign is right for you.  Click here to learn more about Invisalign.


  • CEREC – One visit Crowns.  We have been offering this technology in our office for over 7 years, and both of our doctors have been extensively trained to give you a beautiful, well fitting crown in just one convenient visit.


  • Galileos – 3D head and neck Imaging Technology.  We are proud to be the only office in the area to offer this groundbreaking piece of technology.  Our Galileos allows us to visualize the head and neck in 3 dimensions, which gives us the most accurate diagnostic capabilities possible.  We are able to pinpoint infections more quickly and easily and can see other dental problems not seen on traditional 2D radiographs.  Click here to learn more about Galileos


  • Dentures & Partials – Our dentures and partials are meticulously custom crafted and are designed to be very realistic and natural looking for every patient.


  • Implant Placement–  Implants are an excellent choice for many people who are missing one or even multiple teeth.  A titanium post is placed directly into the bone.  From there a crown can be fabricated on top.  The result is a beautiful, natural looking option to restore your smile, thats as close as it gets to having a natural tooth!  Dr. Bruce has completed extensive training and is now placing implants in the office!  No need for referrals in many situations.  Click here to learn more about Dental Implants


  • Restoration of Implants – This is the most predictable and reliable treatment dentistry has today.  We work very meticulously to place the implant fixture, and make sure that it is in perfect position for us to place a tooth and have that tooth look and function just like a natural tooth.


  • Bridges – In areas where an implant may not be possible, a bridge is a perfect way to replace missing teeth to provide more chewing function, and be esthetically pleasing.