The Dentist’s Guide to Halloween

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During Halloween it’s easy to let your sweet tooth take over.  here are some practical tips, for children and adults, to help avoid a trip to the dentist with a toothache from all that candy.
  1.  Sort the Candy.  After getting home with all …that halloween loot, sit and go through the candy, putting it into 2 piles.
    1.   first pile: taffy, caramels, gummies, sugary gum.  Anything   that is sticky, chewy or sour
    2.  second pile:  all other candy
  2. Avoid the first pile.  Dental cavities are proven to have a relationshipt with extended exposure to sugary and/or sour substances.  the longer it’s in your mouth, the more likely you are to get cavities.
  3.  Watch the whole family’s consumption.  This time of year is famous for all of its sweets and tasty candies.  It’s a good idea to leave the wrappers in a visible place, maybe in a jar or bowl, so it’s easy to see how much candy the family is actually eating.
  4.  Chew sugar-free gum.  This can help ration your sweet intake.  Ingredients like Xylitol and Sorbitl, low calorie sweetenters found in gum, can actually be beneficial.  studies show that these sweeteners can starve cavity causing bacteria, allowing the mouth to replenish minerals needed in the enamel of the teeth.  Talk to your dental provider about the frequency and amount of gum recommended
  5. Talk about oral health as a family.  This is a great time for everyone to be reminded of twice daily brushing, and daily flossing.  Making these tasks a family event helps keep everyone onthe right track and makes it fun!  Ideally, brush every time after eating candy.  But, if that’s not possible, then eat the candy withing a few minutes instead of snacking on it throughout the day.  Also, drinking a glass of water, both during nad after, is helpful to remove the excess sugar from the mouth.  REMEMBER, the whole family should be seen at least once every 6 months for a dental check up, so make sure everyone is up to date!



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