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What is Galileos?

Galileos is a 3 Dimensional head and neck imaging system.  It allows us to visualize our patients and diagnose problems the way they were made…in 3D!  The amount of information that we are able to see with a Galileos surpasses that of traditional 2 dimensional radiographs, which can mask problems due to the inability to look at all angles.

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What does the machine look like?

The Galileos machine looks very similar to the traditional 2D panoramic radiographic machine.  It does not require you to lay down and is not enclosed therefore, it is very accessible for all types of patients.


Why would I need a scan?

There are many reasons that a scan would be indicated for a patient.  We can:

  • Evaluate 3rd molar (wisdom teeth) for extractions
  • Diagnose tooth infections and abscesses
  • Look for and evaluate chronic sinus and nasal problems that may require an ENT
  • Evaluate throat airway space, that may indicate sleep apnea problems
  • Planning for dental implant placement
  • Cyst and tumor screenings
  • Bone pathology or abnormality screening
  • Jaw joint evaluation nad screenings
  • In conjunction with orthodontic referrals
  • as well as many other evaluation and screening processes

Is the Galileos safe?

The Galileos is extremely safe to use.  The dose of radiation delivered is very low.  In fact, it delivers about the same amount of radiation that you get from normal Earth background in 8 days of your life.  That is also about the amount you get taking a round trip flight from New York to Los Angeles.  Still have more questions about radiation? Click on the link below to veiw a full radiation chart.

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